Volunteering in Armenia

sonova volunteer trains local staff

Jasmin Kaur, an audiologist at Sonova in Staefa, travelled to Armenia to conduct a five-day training, where she instructed the audiology staff at the Arabkir hospital on the handling and fitting of hearing aids.


The Hear the World Foundation has been supporting the Arabkir Hospital in Yerevan since 2010 in developing a newborn hearing screening program in Armenia and by donating hearing aids. However, there is also an urgent need for professional training on site, which is why Jasmin Kaur went to Armenia to run her five-day training. “Since my work can sometimes be very technical, I looked forward to the trip and having the opportunity to help children in need in such a direct way.”


Providing professional expertise

It became clear right from the start that Jasmin Kaur’s task would not always be easy: She had to convince the Armenian customs officials, that the hearing aids she had in her suitcase were for a charitable purpose. However, she was soon able to get started on her work at the Arabkir Hospital, where she trained audiology staff in how to handle and fit the new digital hearing aids. She also introduced the local audiologists to the latest technical features and functions offered by the hearing aids and helped specialists with examinations and hearing aid fittings on site.

Jasmin Kaur’s work proved very rewarding both for herself and for her trainees: “I was greatly impressed by the facilities and commitment of the specialist staff at the Arabkir Hospital. I would like to thank Hear the World for this unique experience and I’m pleased that I have been able to contribute toward the further development of this project.”


At the end of Jasmin Kaur’s visit, the children thanked her by staging a specially rehearsed musical performance.