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More stars for hearing loss awareness


Staefa, Switzerland, November 16, 2009

A celebrity calendar, containing exclusive images by musician Bryan Adams, is to be released to raise awareness about the issue of hearing loss.

As the official photographer for the Hear the World initiative, Mr. Adams has photographed a number of a-list celebrities including Jude Law, Annie Lennox, Lenny Kravitz and Elle Macpherson. Each individual is captured with a hand cupped behind their ear to convey conscious hearing.

Hear the World is a global initiative by hearing system manufacturer Phonak to raise awareness about the importance of hearing. The initiative calls attention to impact of hearing loss and addresses the prevention of and solutions to a problem that affects more than 1 in 7 people in the UK.

“I'm excited to lend my support to such an important cause” Adams said. “As a musician, I’m naturally sympathetic to a cause dedicated to help people appreciate and preserve an individual’s sense of sound.”

The Hear the World calendar is available exclusively from priced £17.89. All proceeds go to the Hear the World Foundation which is dedicated to supporting individuals and groups around the world- with technology and financial assistance - whose lives are affected by hearing loss.

While hearing loss is one of the world’s most preventable disabilities, it is also one of the most common. 800 million people worldwide, more than 16 percent of the world’s population, have hearing loss and the number is expected to increase to 1.1 billion by the year 2015.

Other celebrities appearing in the 2010 Hear the World calendar include John Legend, Peter Gabriel, Common, Emilia Fox and even Bryan Adams himself.